Automated Headspace Analysis (Lease) Platforms

Autom Headspace Analysis Platforms

The PULSAR line of automated headspace inspection machines provides a reliable, compact, and flexible platform for 100% inspection of headspace oxygen, moisture, pressure, and carbon dioxide levels in sealed parenteral containers. Automated nondestructive, laser-based, headspace inspection enables robust process studies in development as well as 100% batch inspection to guarantee the quality of finished product. 

Within 4-6 weeks the PULSAR (lease) machine can be delivered and validated on-site. 

The PULSAR  platform has been designed to address the following applications:

  • Container Closure Integrity LEASE projects
  • Headspace oxygen monitoring during the filling of oxygen-sensitive formulations
  • 100% moisture inspection of freeze dried product
  • Automated media fill inspection

In addition, we support our partner Bosch Packaging Technologies to deliver the Bosch KHS inspection machine platform designed for high speed, high performance headspace leak detection identifying loss of Container Closure Integrity (CCI) in sterile products.