Biodecontamination System For Isolators: SafeVAP

Biodecontamination System for Isolators SafeVap

Simple means reliable. Reliability in the pharmaceutical industry is a “must”. When it comes to filling lines, isolators offer tangible advantages over traditional aseptic processing – but a reliable bio-decontamination cycle for the inside of the isolator is imperative. Additionally, the cycle time has to be short to guarantee economic success of the filling line.

The patented Syntegon bio-decontamination system SafeVAP (= Safe Vacuum Assisted Peroxid evaporation) combines both reliability and efficiency with simple technology to meet all of these requirements like no other system offers. The fully integrated system also eases validation and is easy to use.

The nonwet bio-decontamination process minimizes corrosion of materials and sensors therefore assuring continuous and long term operation of machine and process.


  • Short cycle time for bio-decontamination to reduce downtimes
  • Easy operation due to full integration into isolator system
  • High process safety due to usage of proven technology
  • Fully automated and fully validated bio-decontamination process

Syntegon Pharma Technology Inc.