Bottle - Container Wash Station

Source: Chargepoint Technology


Contained offline washing of the ChargePoint Passive unit and connected container

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  • Gross decontamination of local Passive unit and connected container
  • Fully contained washing as device includes full Active unit and enclosed wash lance
  • Manual or automatic operation

Effective washing of the product contact areas of the Passive and connected container is possible with the Bottle Wash Station. The station includes a penetrating WIP Lance coupled to an Active unit which allows the Passive to be coupled and opened in a contained manner. The Penetrative wash lance ensures high level washing so the Passive and container can be safely uncoupled, prior to a validated cleaning cycle elsewhere. The lance is contained within flexible PTFE bellows, connected on one side to the Active unit and at the other end a traversing platform which allows the assembly to be moved up and down. As the lance assembly passes up through the open valve, it washes the valve and disc faces and through to the connection into the process container itself. The WIP Lance also incorporates a drain connection to allow wash fluid to drain form the station.

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