Breakthrough Technology Solves An Old Particle Size Analysis Problem

Source: Micromeritics Instrument Corporation

By Michael L. Strickland, Micromeritics

During the current era of increasing globalization, manufacturing operations are being located around the world. Companies that manufacture or use powdered materials may need to product identical products at many different plants on several continents. This can create quality control headaches that underscore the importance of having effective methods and instrumentation for measureing and controlling product quality.

Unitl recently, companies found it frustrating to use laser light scattering instruments to monitor particle size distribution in different plants due to the inadequate resolution and repeatability of previously available instruments. Instruments located at different plants, even of the same brand and model, are often unable to produce matching analyses for identical samples. This means that the objective of improved product quality has not been realized by these companies, in spite of sometimes considerable investment in these instruments. This situation has now changed.

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