News Feature | March 15, 2014

Bristol-Myers Squibb To Close Dublin Facility, Loss Of 130 Jobs

By Estel Grace Masangkay

Bristol-Myers Squibb’s plan to close its facility in Cruiserath, Mulhuddart by the end of 2015 can cause the loss of 130 jobs. Impending closure of another plant in Swords will cost 30 more jobs.

The shutdowns were described as a ‘deep blow’ for North Dublin, according to DublinPeople. The company blamed changing market demands for the facility’s closures. Leo Varadkar, local TD and Minister for Transport, said “It’s a hugely disappointing development to lose both the Cruiserath plant and the Swords unit and I want to extend my concerns and sympathies to the staff and their families. There is some limited consolation for staff as the Cruiserath plant will continue operating until the second half of 2015, although the positions will still be lost. It will at least give employees some time to seek alternative employment.”

SIPTU, an organization which represents over 100 BMS workers at Swords Laboratories, reported that 20 members were being made redundant. SIPTU Organiser, Michelle Quinn, said “We are led to believe that these redundancies will be voluntary and the offer will be made across the site. This announcement came as a shock to the workers and their families. We also regret the announcement by the company of the closure of the Cruiserath facility in Dublin 15 with the loss of 130 jobs.” A spokesperson from the company said BMS would try to minimize job losses.

BMS also said that it will work with IDA Ireland to explore potential uses of the Cruiserath facility in the future. “In the meantime, it’s important that the State agencies give full assistance to help the staff find alternative positions. It’s also crucial that Enterprise Ireland and the IDA start looking immediately for a potential buyer for the two facilities, both of which have considerable potential for a new investor,” Varadkar said.