Bulk Container Drying System

Source: Servolift LLC


The SERVOLIFT bulk container drying station is a separate drying system for IBC containers that completes the entire cleaning process.

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Drying takes place in a GMP area where wet IBC containers are manually placed in the Drying Station and dried controlled by a timer.

This complete unit guarantees drying in the shortest time with the smallest energy consumption.

The system is based on recirculation of necessary air flow for drying, which is heated up to drying temperature. The supply/exhaust air flow amount is limited to a maximum rate of 20-40% of total flow for optimization of energy consumption.

The supply air is prepared for hygienical use by passing a 2-step-filter system with class Fine/H13. All parts in contact with the drying air are out of AISI 316/AISI 316 Ti or AISI hoe, and the sealings conform to FDA-guidelines.