Bulk Container Washing System

Source: Servolift LLC


Servolift manufactured Bulk Container Washing Systems are the most advanced available on the market today. They are specifically designed for the validated cleaning and drying of containers in pharmaceutical validated processes.

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Each Servolift system is custom built per the application requirements, such as installation layout, container sizes and process parameters.


  • Validatable washing system with 99 programmable recipes
  • Validatable washing and drying with CIP of entire chamber.
  • Combined washing drying in one chamber or separated into two chambers for high throughput.
  • For all container and accessory types: Drums, Bins, Pallets, Valves, Lids and Valves.
  • Pass through (clean side/dirty side) or one sided entry.
  • Fully automatic controls with analog recording of all process parameters.
  • Automatic loading and handling systems such as accumulating sanitary roller conveyor for Bins.
  • Recycling wash water system with automatic CIP and detergent dosing.