White Paper

Can You Syringe A BioScience Material?

Source: AMETEK Brookfield

Bioscience engineering is producing an array of new materials for use in the human body. Dental adhesives, ophthalmic fluids, bone joint fillers are but a few of the examples. Physical property testing is needed to qualify the performance of these materials, both in terms of how they handle as well as their final application within the body.

One type of instrument that is experiencing increasing use in this field is the Texture Analyzer. This device is an axial load tester that applies deformation to a sample material and measures the force resistance as change occurs. The deformation is caused by a specially designed probe that penetrates into the material, causing displacement at a defined rate of travel. The probe is selected to mimic the type of action that is under study. In the case of the above mentioned examples, the objective might be to analyze the force required to syringe the material into position during application by the medical staff.