White Paper

Centrifuge Maintenance: Protecting The Investment

Source: NuAire, Inc.

Any academic or professional undertaking is built on knowledge. But the equipment that allows experts to perform their duties is critical. Training and expertise are useless without the physical ability to obtain information, analyze materials, and otherwise interact with the world in ways necessary to the work. To expect otherwise would be like asking a carpenter to build a house without a hammer, nails, and saw.

In the life sciences, healthcare, and laboratory research, centrifuges are among the many types of required equipment. The vital precision devices can be costly, but also can have a useful lifespan of 10 years or more, at least in theory.

Unfortunately, centrifuges need to be treated correctly and maintained to work to their potential. Mistreatment is all too common and can shorten the life span, as well as affect efficient operation.