Check Valves

Check Valves

Qosina offers an extensive line of check valves, available in an assortment of designs, in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Complete your project by choosing among our one-way duckbills, high-flow and in-line, luer-activated and dual check valves.

High-flow valves feature low flow resistance, low opening pressure and a positive seal against backflow. Designed for flushing and irrigating applications, high-flow check valves afford quick flow response for more control.

DEHP-free, acrylic in-line check valves are designed to prevent backflow and have latex-free silicone diaphragms that permit flow in one direction, thereby preventing retrograde flow (back pressure tested to their specific psi ratings). In-line check valves feature versatility in design and low cracking pressures (i.e., the pressure at which the valve will start to open). Our assortment encompasses a range of cracking pressure ratings. If back pressure is a concern, choose from our variety of duckbill check valves to help avoid backflow contamination.

Luer-activated check valves are equipped with a needle-free design featuring a closed silicone plug that blocks flow until mechanically opened with a male luer connector. Female luer lock-equipped needleless valves mate tightly with all standard luer syringes and connectors. Besides offering a high flow rate, they allow bidirectional flow for precision-controlled aspiration or injection of fluids.

Our wide selection of nearly 70 types of luer-activated valves and accessories reflects the expanding range of protocol systems utilizing this technology. With the tremendous impact of needleless systems on the safety of both patients and health professionals, they are regarded as an engineered control for prevention of infection from contaminated sharps.

Dual check valves enable injection and aspiration from separate ports of a single connector. Depending on their design, they are ideal for either the mixing of two substances, or for the mixing and continuous filling of two substances

Qosina offers numerous configurations, flow rate, material, cracking pressure and back pressure options to fit a wide range of applications. Single-use medical device check valve sample kits are also available for purchase and are ideal for testing our components with your design prior to purchase.