Guest Column | January 7, 2013

Chinese CMO Landscape

chinese CMO - contract manufacturing

By Oliver Mueller & Clifford Mintz, PhD

Most of the CMOs operating in China today offer mainly API and bulk drug materials manufacturing. China recently surpassed India as world leader in the manufacture of APIs and bulk drug materials (India still exports substantially more finished dose medications). Some of China’s leading API and chemical intermediate CMOs include:

  1. Asymchem Laboratories
  2. Beijing Second Pharmaceutical
  3. Chongqing Huapont Pharmaceutical
  4. Porton Fine Chemicals
  5. Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical
  6. Tianjin Pharmaceutical
  7. Venturepharm Laboratories
  8. WuXi AppTec
  9. Zhejian Hisun Pharma and
  10. Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical.