Case Study

Citation Clinical Labeling Systems Automates For Perfection

Source: GlobalVision

Today, more and more later-phase global studies demand an incredibly high level of accuracy. The process requires varying dosages amongst diverse patient populations in multiple countries, each with their own set of regulations.

Citation is well aware of the importance of accuracy on labels. Headquartered in New York, they are a global manufacturer and supplier of clinical supply labels to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and CRO industries for over 35 years.

The clinical label inspection processes at Citation used to be performed manually. In addition to working with static and variable data, Citation also inspects text in a multitude of languages. Due to the complex nature of each study and its inherent clinical labeling requirements, this resulted in extremely difficult, time-consuming and costly processes. “Our industry has zero-tolerance for errors which makes it imperative for us to be accurate each and every time”, says President Richard Bolnick, adding “We needed to find a system that we felt would support the level of veracity and quality required not only by us but also just as importantly by our customers.”