Application Note

Cleaning Of Fluidized Bed Equipment

Source: STERIS Corporation

Fluidized bed processing is widely used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. A Fluidized bed is a of particle’s with a stream of air passing upward through this technology was originally developed for rapid drying, this process is now also extensively used for agglomeration, granulation, pelletization and tablet coating.

The convention method of cleaning Fluidized bed equipment is by dismantling the piece of equipment and manually scrubbing or wiping the surface, This is not only time consuming, but also difficult for larger equipment where the expansion chamber, filter housing and dust collector areas cannot be easily accessed. The application described here are alternative to the conventional approach.

A large manufacture of formulations and tablets, who manually cleaned their Fluidized bed granulators, was interested in improving their cleaning process. The existing process consisted of manually cleaning the filter socks, distributor plates and other removable components out-of-place, and then using a ladder and long handled brushes to clean the inaccessible areas of the fluidized bed chamber. This manual cleaning process was extremely inconsistent and at times required five manual cleaning cycles to meet their residue limits. The cleaning agents used were generic alkaline and acidic detergent formulation.