Case Study

Striving For Label Perfection In Clinical Trials

Source: GlobalVision

No other labeling process in the pharmaceutical industry is as complex as clinical trial labeling. Clintrak Clinical Labeling Services knows this first hand and has been committed to finding a way to reduce the amount of time and money spent on proofreading in order to improve their process.

Until recently Clintrak was inspecting all copy for its customers manually. This proved to be tedious, time-consuming and costly for Clintrak. Clintrak’s proofreaders were required to place the two labels side by side and check each label character by character to ensure the client supplied text was properly transferred to the label proof with 100% accuracy. “We recognized the need to make the proofreading process quicker in order to shorten client time lines,” says Chris Hartgnel of Clintrak. “The costs of errors on labels are numerous. First, time is always money, there are also costs with having to rework those labels and not to mention that we may miss the clients’ packaging date and in turn they may not be the first to market.”

It didn’t take long for Clintrak to begin noticing the benefits of the Global Vision systems. “The Global Vision systems decreased the proofreading time for a 19-page booklet from 3-7 hours to one hour,” says Hartnagel. “It allowed our users to focus on more important parts of the inspection such as the actual formatting of the labels instead of tedious inspections.”