Cold Chain Complexities Of Distributing Temperature-Sensitive Biopharmaceuticals And Cell Therapies

Source: PCI Pharma Services
cold chain biopharmaceuticals

A Q&A with Rachel Griffiths, Samantha James, and Rich Nelson, PCI Pharma Services


Distributing sensitive biopharmaceuticals and cell therapies is a complex challenge that calls for detailed understanding of the product, access to the latest technologies, and global reach combined with local knowledge.


Pharmaceutical industry interest in biopharmaceuticals, cell therapies and, more recently, biosimilars has increased significantly1,2. In addition to targeting and treating disease more effectively than small molecule medicines, such products have the potential to generate higher revenues and are less likely to face competition when they go off patent3,4.

However, unlike small molecule drugs, which can be easily transported, large molecule biopharmaceuticals are highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations and require special handling5.