Color Inspection Software

Source: GlobalVision

Color Inspection

GlobalVision Color Inspection is the first digital inspection solution for color management for PDFs and printed components. The tool inspects colors and reports any differences outside a defined color threshold. Instead of manually checking colors by eye, users can detect and communicate color differences with color reports alongside their proofs for approval.

Bringing color approvals into a digital system means faster color approvals, more accurate measurements, and proof of recorded locations with color reports. Further, GlobalVision has partnered with Pantone to deliver color information in the industry standards companies depend on every day. Any color inspections will show the next closest pantones for fast color decision making.

Manage color approvals digitally

Use GlobalVision software to confirm colors more accurately and faster on your printed components. Send color inspections off for approval digitally from GlobalVision’s quality control software.

Communicate color accuracy

Send exact color differences to customers or vendors with built-in Pantone digital swatches.

Share reports for faster approvals

Send color inspections to customers, vendors, reviewers, and approvers with color point locations recorded in the report.

Check color on every print position

Inspections run through all print positions for selected color points.

Approve colors with confidence

Inspect colors against specified values to confirm accuracy.