Commercial Drug Product Manufacture

Source: Almac Group
Commercial Drug Product Manufacture

Scaling up from our development services to full scale commercial drug product manufacture or transferring existing commercial products we can meet your commercial drug product manufacturing requirements.

Our range of commercial scale dry blending and wet granulation technology supports the commercial drug product manufacture of:


  • Immediate and modified release
  • Uncoated and coated (including enteric coating)


  • Hard gelatin capsules (powders, pellets)


  • Granules
  • Oral powders for reconstitution

With blend sizes from 10kgs up to 2.5 tons, our range of state-of-the-art processing equipment can flex to the batch size requirements of your particular product needs.

Ensuring That Your Products Meet Specifications

We are MHRA licensed and have been successfully inspected by the FDA, Pmda, ANVISA, Turkish Ministry of Health and South Korea FDA. With UK Home Office approval, we are also licensed for the storage and processing of controlled drugs (schedules II-V). A quality led environment is the foundation of our operations and we impose comprehensive standard operating procedures, rigorous training and a range of process controls.

Customised Solutions

To support operational activities, we have a dedicated in-house engineering team who provide equipment maintenance and calibration, tooling design and machine prototype manufacture. With dedicated specialists in place, we are able to facilitate the rapid turnaround of tailored solutions and provide equipment designed to meet the unique requirements of each and every project.