White Paper

Comparison Of Credo Carbon Footprint To Similar Performance Single-Use Shippers

Source: Pelican BioThermal
temperature-sensitive shipping

Life cycle analysis (LCA) research has been underway at Pelican BioThermal to quantify and compare the environmental impacts of the reusable Credo Cube™ shipper and a similar performance single-use shipper common in the coldchain industry. The scope of the study investigates the impacts of these logistical approaches over a two-year clinical pharmaceutical trial requiring 30,000 individual shipments around the continental United States. The following report presents the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint comparison between the Credo Cube™ 4-1296 and a comparable singleuse product using either polyurethane or extruded polystyrene insulation. This Credo model is qualified to maintain a 12L payload environment between 2-8°C for up to 96 hours. The cradle-to-grave approach is comprehensive and includes all stages in the product lifecycle as seen in Fig. 1. The LCA approach has been aligned with methodology standardized in ISO 14044:2006 and PAS2050. The carbon footprint was calculated in tonnes (1000kg) of CO2- equivelant emissions based on 100-year global warming potential of various emissive gasses.