Which Is Best For Your Application? Comparing Instantaneous Microbial Detection Technology

Source: Azbil North America – Biovigilant Division

Azbil BioVigilant’s Instantaneous Microbial Detection™ technology gives users the ability to continuously detect and report in real-time the presence of airborne microbes and total particles. This technology platform couples an optically-based detection module with PharmaMaster® software to provide these results instantaneously in a user-friendly interface without requiring any culturing, staining, or reagents. Azbil BioVigilant currently offers two different instruments that utilize the same revolutionary technology:

  • The IMD-A 300 system with a sample airflow rate of 1.15 liters per minute (LPM)
  • The IMD-A 350 system with a sample airflow rate of 28.3 LPM

This bulletin explains the similarities and differences between the two instruments, and helps guide selection of the most appropriate model for a range of applications in pharmaceutical, medical device, compounding pharmacy, and food and beverage industries.