Brochure | August 5, 2020

Complete Vial Handling And Freeze Drying Solutions For Pharmaceutical Production

Delivering Your Complete Aseptic Process Solution

SP covers the complete range of aseptic processing tools and techniques, from cycle development, stability testing, pilot and clinical batch production through to full aseptic manufacturing and commercial production batches. Our expertize in processing and packaging is matched with in-depth software engineering capabilities and customer-orientated servicing and support.

Responding to Industry Needs

SP is committed to customer-driven innovation and streamlining product development, including standard models, to enhance product quality and consistency, improve yield, and importantly accelerate time to market. SP’s unique Line of Sight™ approach provides a breakthrough suite of freeze-drying equipment, with scalable lyophilization technologies and process analytical technologies (PAT) designed to enhance quality, improve productivity and increase return on investment.

Dependable Fill-Finish Getting You to Market Faster

Fill-finish is the final stage before the product is packaged and administered to the patient. As patient treatments move away from broad population therapies in favor of the targeted treatment of smaller (personalized) patient populations, the biopharmaceutical industry is transitioning to smaller aseptic batch manufacturing processes.

Consequently, SP recognize their customers have a growing need for a complete package of rapid product development and scalable, good manufacturing (GMP) compliant, complete aseptic fill-finish production lines, optimized for small batch applications. Fill-finish is a crucial step in the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process, with small to medium batch aseptic filling and shorter “time to market” becoming increasingly important.

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