Computer Software Assurance (CSA) And Computer System Validation (CSV)

Source: CAI
Kneat Data Ready

CAI’s Kneat: Data Ready provides you with best-in-class content and templates created by industry-leaders, giving you a headstart in implementing your own Kneat solution.

Kneat: Data Ready offers not only templates, but a validated out-of-the-box configuration that you can tailor to your business needs. Implement your Kneat instance in less than half the time.

Easier, Fast, Smarter Validation

Templates available:

  1. CSV/CSA Validation Plan
  2. Computer System Assessment
  3. Project Change Management Log and Form
  4. Acceptance Test Protocol
  5. Unscripted Test Protocol
  6. Issues and Retest Form
  7. Summary Report Form for Computerized Systems
  8. Commissioning Project Plan with common section templates like Commissioning Safety, RACI Chart, Project Change Management (7 total)
  9. Project Change Management Log and Form
  10. Design Review Report
  11. Commissioning Protocol
  12. Issues and Retest Forms
  13. Project Summary Report