05.13.21 -- Considerations For A Successful Process Development

Source: Cytiva
Approaches To Improve Efficiency In Biopharmaceutical Process Development

Time-to-experiment, time-to-clinic, and time-to-market are becoming even more important for developers and manufacturers of biopharmaceuticals. Here we give some insights on tools to make process development more efficient.

Optimizing Process Efficiency In Upstream Manufacturing

Increasing the integration of upstream and downstream processing and moving toward increased automation results in greater optimization of process efficiency — a key goal for biopharma production. Learn how several different approaches and technologies can improve the efficiency of upstream processing, including cell line development, process development and process intensification, real-time analytics, and process integration.

Considerations For Improving Outcomes In Biopharmaceutical Process Development

Take a look at how the process outcome can be improved by increasing the performance and robustness of the bioprocess workflow through a variety of critical aspects, different strategic approaches, and innovative tools and methods.

Meeting Diverse Biologic Pipeline Process Development Challenges
In the current biopharmaceutical landscape, developers are constantly encountering new and diverse biological molecules with complex structures. Understanding what challenges these diverse molecules can create and how to manage these challenges is key to ensuring they reach patients safely and efficiently.
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