Container Closure Integrity Testing Of Pharmaceutical Containers And Products


There is an increasing demand for CCIT (Container Closure Integrity Testing), in the pharmaceutical industry that are driven by strict FDA guidelines requiring a sterile barrier.

Whether you are testing sterile barrier, a moisture barrier or general protection packaging we can offer nondestructive container closure integrity test equipment for:

  • Off-line CCIT
  • Automatic, high speed robotic sampling
  • In-line 100% inspection

We replace traditional blue dye testing with our patented and robust Mass Extraction Technology, this way we can offer a more cost effective approach for testing your products using air measurements, similar to helium mass spectrometry levels. We test defects from a fraction of 1 micron and higher using this method.

In addition to packaging leak testing, we also offer unique solutions for flexible process mixing bag systems leak testing at point of use for various pharmaceutical processes. Other packages such as pouches, bottles and porous packages are also tested using ATC’s mass extraction products.

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