Contract Fermentation Services

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Contract Fermentation Services

Fermentation is a critical step in both drug and toll manufacturing, as companies look to produce the core compounds that form their eventual products. While it is possible to undertake this in-house, the expertise contract fermentation services provide can improve the quality, affordability, speed and scalability of your program.

Fermentation Contract Manufacturing

With more than 60 years of leadership in the field, AbbVie Contract Manufacturing offers fine-tuned contract fermentation services. We bring the same degree of expertise and passion to your project as we do with our own, supporting you from strain development through to large-scale commercial manufacturing.

AbbVie’s contract fermentation services span many organisms, stages, industries and production volumes. These include:

  • Strain development
  • Microbial fermentation
  • Yeast fermentation
  • Large-scale contract fermentation
  • Fermentation process validation
  • Distribution support and secure manufacturing supply

Scale-Up Fermentation Process

Yeast and microbial organisms consume large amounts of water and nutrients, making pharmaceutical fermentation processes resource-heavy endeavors. For time and cost-efficiency, AbbVie Contract Manufacturing has established a 70-acre facility in North Chicago, IL USA, to sustainably draw on local crops and water sources. This unique access to raw materials used for industrial fermentation directly benefits pharmaceutical and toll manufacturing partners looking for high quality, cost-effective contract fermentation services.

Once established, companies can scale-up fermentation orders as commercial demand grows. AbbVie is committed to maintaining a secure supply chain to reliably meet long-term toll manufacturing and pharmaceutical fermentation demand.

Bacteria, Fungal and Yeast Fermentation Lab Services

AbbVie contract manufacturing has proven experience fermenting a range of organisms for pharmaceutical and toll manufacturer programs. These include streptomycetes, actinomycetes, yeast, fungal, E. coli, bacillus and genetically modified organisms.

Our access to raw materials used for industrial fermentation enables a high quality cost-effective bio-fermentation process.

Pharmaceutical Fermentation Capabilities

  • 3,000 m3 GMP capacity
  • Development through commercial services
  • Robust site infrastructure including onsite waste treatment and rail access
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance to ensure pollution prevention and resource conservation
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and process control systems at development to commercial scales
  • Class-A certified operation, focused on efficient processing
  • Highly active culture of continuous improvement

Commercial Services — Additional Capabilities

  • Over 3,000 m3 pharmaceutical fermentation capability — Scale 10,000 L — 100,000 L working volume
  • Batch and continuous sterilization
  • Dedicated cell bank preparation facility and maintenance with redundant equipment and controls
  • Broad range of downstream unit operations
    • Broth separation via scroll decanters, microfold disk stack centrifuges, belt filter
    • Liquid extraction
    • Concentration via reverse osmosis, thin film evaporation, flask evaporation, mechanic vapor recompression
    • Purification via chromotography, ion exchange, ultrafiltration, carbon decolorization, crystallization
    • Reactions for semi-synthetic products
    • Product isolation via cartridge and depth filtration, filter press, basket centrifuge and filter pot
    • Drying and bulk packaging via blender dryers, fluid bed dryers, tray dryers, filter dryers, milling and dry blending

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