Article | February 27, 2019

Create Brand Sustainability With Softgel Technology

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific
softgetl capsule pill pharma medicine

Gone are the days when medical consumers would settle for just one formulation of a medication. With so many choices readily available for all kinds of consumer products today, people expect—even demand—having choices in prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Some want caplets, others prefer chewables and many prefer softgels.

Indeed, smart medication brand managers know that today, there is no one "typical customer" for their product, says Kaspar van den Dries, PhD, senior director at Patheon, a leading contract development and manufacturing organization.

The good news is that currently available dosage form technologies mean that many drugs can be o·ered in several formats, meeting the diverse personal preferences of a wide variety of consumers.

Brand managers who want to meet those diverse consumer preferences—and potentially extend the lifecycle of their products— would be wise to keep an eye on some emerging trends that are shaping society and the pharmaceutical industry, advises van den Dries.