Crēdo™ Go

Source: Peli BioThermal
Credo Go Family

A passive, reusable temperature controlled shipper designed to fit your payload and performance requirements while reducing your shipping costs and carbon footprint.

Crēdo™ Go cold chain shippers inherit the DNA of Crēdo Cube™ cold chain shippers– superior thermal protection and high quality material construction. Crēdo™ Go has evolved to be thermally and dimensionally flexible, catering for variable lane challenges, temperature control requirements and payload shapes.

Crēdo™ Go temperature controlled shippers is offered in 2-83L volumes and temperature ranges including control room temperature, refrigerated and frozen. It is an ideal shipper for life sciences organizations shipping high volumes of drug product, active pharmaceutical ingredients or other life sciences materials for commercial distribution. They are built using high performance PCM (phase change material) for coolant and VIPs (vacuum insulated panels) for superior insulation.

All Crēdo™ Go cold chain shippers are tested to ISTA7D profiles.