News | January 26, 2015

CSafe Global Announces European REPAQ® Passive Packaging Program

Source: CSafe Global

As a result of the significant increased demand for their AcuTemp® passive packaging REPAQ programme in the US, CSafe Global announces the implementation of the successful programme in Europe.  REPAQ will be introduced at the 14th Annual CoolChain conference in Frankfurt January 27-28, 2015.

CEO Brian Kohr explains, “After extensive customer consultations, we will be introducing our passive packaging programme tailored toward the challenges of biopharmaceutical shipping in Europe. This event will be another milestone in CSafe’s strategic plan for continued global growth.”

Reducing the amount of waste is a priority for corporations and governments and one of the best ways of achieving this is to reuse as much as possible, as often as possible.  However, packaging degrades with time and transportation conditions, and the extent of the degradation cannot be determined by a visual examination.  Introduced in 2010, REPAQ® is the industry’s first reuse programme that includes thermal re-testing to verify that the packaging meets the original packaging specifications.  Ensuring thermally qualified packaging, especially when being reused, is becoming a high visibility concern with global regulators.  

Participation in the REPAQ programme has grown by 47% in the past twelve months with customers averaging return levels between 55 and 81% (overall average of 74%).  This results not only in a significant reduction in landfill waste and savings by the recipient of the packaging via no disposal costs, but can also reduce the biopharmaceutical customer’s supply chain expense by an additional 30-40% beyond the 10-30% cost savings typically seen when moving to CSafe’s VIP packaging solutions. 

Brian concludes, “The impetus for change is coming from within the pharma/bioscience and logistics/delivery sectors as all companies strive to reduce their carbon footprint and their supply chain costs while seeking ways to improve their sustainability and maintain regulatory compliance. We firmly believe that reusable packaging will soon be an industry-wide practice because, with a professional requalification service, we can ensure the packaging performance.”

About CSafe Global

CSafe Global is the world’s largest producer of actively controlled mobile refrigeration units for biopharmaceutical companies, healthcare organizations, global military organizations and international disaster relief agencies. The company manufacturers AcuTemp® brand passive packaging and hand-held mobile carriers, the CSafe® brand of active containers, and is the exclusive manufacturer and provider of ThermoCor® vacuum insulation. The active solution product assortment includes the industry leading CSafe RKN, which utilizes heating and compressor-driven cooling technology to eliminate the risks associated with extreme ambient conditions as well as the cost, aggravation and environmental challenges associated with dry ice transportation with industry leading performance. CSafe Global’s AcuTemp brand has been providing temperature management solutions since its founding more than 25 years ago. The passive solution assortment includes packaging for 2-8°C, CRT and frozen shipments with temperature hold times from 12 to 240 hours.

Source: CSafe Global