Custom Chemical Synthesis

Source: LAXAI
LAXAI - Chemical Synthesis

Leverage our technical expertise as well as our comprehensive facilities and equipment for robust support of your project's chemical synthesis requirements.

At LAXAI, we recognize the importance of expertise in organic chemistry and a deep understanding of the principles of chemical reactions for successful custom chemical synthesis. Our well-equipped laboratory, with the necessary instrumentation and skilled personnel, ensures the success of the synthesis. We offer a variety of custom chemical synthesis services tailored to meet our customers’ individual requirements. Our services include consultation, custom synthesis, scale-up, analytical services, and technical support.

Our consultation services involve analysing the molecular structure of the target molecule and identifying the most suitable synthetic pathway to help customers determine the best approach for synthesizing their desired compound.

Our custom synthesis services involve synthesizing the desired compound using the recommended synthetic pathway. We conduct the necessary reactions and purification steps to obtain the final product while keeping purity in mind throughout the synthesis process.

We also offer scale-up services to produce larger quantities of the desired compound. We optimize the synthetic process to ensure efficient and cost-effective production of the compound.

To ensure the purity and quality of the synthesized compound, we provide analytical services using a range of analytical techniques such as NMR, HPLC, and GC-MS, to analyse the synthesized product.

Our technical team is always available to address any concerns that may arise during the synthesis process. We provide answers, advice, and support to ensure our customers’ satisfaction with our custom chemical synthesis services.

Infrastructure and Instrumentation:

  • 1 – 100 L batch volumes depending on product characteristics and filling volumes
  • Max liquid batch size: 20,000 vials (CAM) and 7,500 (GLA)
  • High potency formulations
  • Aseptic filling – Grade A closed RABS cabinet within Grade B background
  • Bulk formulation – Grade C
  • Washing/Loading of Autoclave – Grade C
  • Syringes (1 mL – 2.25mL)
  • Cartridges (1.5 – 3 mL)
  • Vials (2mL – 20 mL) or GLA (2 mL – 50 mL)
  • 257+ KL reactor volume capacity