Custom Pharmaceutical Sterilizers

Source: Fedegari Group


This category includes plants or parts of plants designed for niche applications, where “standard” machines are no longer sufficient.

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In the past, some of these machines were developed in close collaboration with Customers, in order to meet specific production requirements. Having verified the validity of the design and construction, some of these are offered normally, although the type of application limits their use to cases of actual need.

Among the most significant examples, mention can be made of machines for the treatment of pharmaceutical elastomeric closures, processes for sterilizing high pathogen loads, sterilizers with rotating loads and plants with liquid or supercritical CO2 for particular applications. These projects are the best expression of cooperation between Customer and supplier and are based on the mutual recognition of their respective skills.

The results achieved have allowed both parties to evolve the technology of their products and of the corresponding processes and grow with it over time, being often imitated by those who lack the boldness and passion to explore new paths but merely offer what is asked of them.

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