360 Degree Inspection For Unoriented Cylindrical Packages: OmniView Series

Source: Cognex Corporation


OmniView is a multi-camera vision solution for full 360 degree inspection of unoriented cylindrical packages.

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Cognex® OmniView® delivers fast, accurate inspection and traceability of cylindrical products, such as cans, bottles, jars, tubs, and vials in color or monochrome. The unique multicamera OmniView technology does not require an orientation step in the production line to turn the label toward the camera. Products can be in any orientation as they pass through the OmniView station and the multiple cameras will acquire the image without having to slow the line… OmniView reads up to 1200 parts per minute!

OmniView can help to minimize product recalls and protect brand image by ensuring product quality, help control the process by identifying defects early, track parts through the supply chain by reading labels and codes, and provide a more effective use of labor by eliminating the need for manual inspection.

Use OmniView to help minimize product recalls with mismatched labels and lids or bad seals; get a more effective use of labor; obtain a higher quality of product through process control to help protect the brand image and trace the product through the supply chain by ensuring labels and ID codes are correct.

Use OmniView to inspect:

  • Product Quality
    • Label placement and skew
    • Label damage
    • Cap position and skew
    • Cap seal damage
    • Cap/label orientation
    • Fill level
    • Date and lot code legibility
    • Bottle orientation for packaging
    • Mixed lot detection
  • Product Correctness
    • Label
    • Cap or lid
    • Date and lot code
    • Barcode and 2D symbol
    • Bottle color
    • Content color
  • Traceability
    • Lot control and asset tracking
    • Supply chain management