Device Assembly Equipment


Stevanato Group uses proven technologies to develop customized solutions for the efficient sub-assembly and final assembly of your pharmaceutical and medical products. We blend our 30-year expertise and your needs in order to support you all the way from clinical trials to fully-automatic high volume production.

Modular assembly equipment for flexible and scalable solutions

Thanks to modularity we are able to provide tailor made solutions, designed to deliver high-quality standards even when scaling-up. Modularity enhances production efficiency, saves costs, shortens time to market and opens up the possibility to scale capacity.

A modular design also allows for greater flexibility to adjust to new devices, different device formats or market requirements.

Our Platforms

With a comprehensive portfolio and 30-year expertise in medical device assembly, Stevanato Group offers a full range of flexible solutions tailored to meet the quality and productivity goals of pharma companies and contract manufacturers.

Manual, semi- and fully-automatic assembly

  • Highly automated, precision processes
  • Extensive inline controls on product safety and functionality
  • Automated and rapid format change
  • User-friendly operations and low maintenance
  • Compliant with main industry regulations (GAMP / 21 CFR part 11 / ISO 7-8 clean rooms)