News | June 4, 2014

Domino Printing And Optel Vision Collaborate For Seamless, Reliable Track And Trace Solutions

Source: Domino North America

Domino North America and Optel Vision are combining unique expertise and innovative technologies to offer customers consistent, efficient and guaranteed solutions to meet new stringent pharmaceutical standards. Selecting valuable, trusted partners is a primary objective for pharmaceutical companies in 2014 as they prepare for the challenges that will come with serialization, made official by federal passing of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) late last year.

“Serialization introduces a level of complexity to packaging that requires world-class products and expert implementation to ensure minimal impact on line efficiency. Domino Plus products are designed to enhance line efficiency – versatile integration options, optimized machine readable codes and diverse coding options – all allow industry leaders like Optel Vision to offer reliable solutions to their customers.” said Mark Shaffer, Pharmaceutical Business Development Manager for Domino North America. "Our global support network allows Optel Vision to integrate Domino products with full confidence that they will have the same high level of service and support regardless of final destination." 

Optel Vision is a leading provider of vision inspection tools and Track & Trace software and operates in more than 20 countries. With a strong focus on accuracy and patient safety, Optel Vision consistently selects Domino as a trusted partner for reliable coding and marking solutions. Integrated, the two systems can provide a complete track and trace solution necessary for serialization upgrades now required of pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Optel Vision President Louis Roy says the partnership with Domino is natural, “Optel Vision has systems in over 25 countries around the world and we need to have support from local partners. Domino has that reach,” he said. “We’ve worked with Domino for close to 20 years and have inspected their print quality. Our partnership with Domino has been a natural fit.”

Watch this video by Domino to hear more from Roy, plus see how the two technologies work together in addressing the unique challenges of serialization:

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SOURCE: Domino North America