News | September 8, 2015

E-VAI – The Artificial Intelligence Platform From Eularis Changes The Rules Of Marketing In Pharma

Eularis Challenges the Pharma Industry To Improve Marketing Results with new disruptive Machine Learning based Analytics

Eularis announces recently the release of E-VAI, the latest development in sophisticated machine learning technology delivering next generation analytics and decision making to Pharma marketers globally. Eularis, at the leading edge of marketing analytics in Pharma since 2003 has launched E-VAI, changing the game for marketers struggling to understand and get value from their marketing data.

For a number of years now, all eyes have been pointing towards the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business. However one thing that has recently changed the game for AI is that machine learning is being used to power Google’s driverless cars and now the real potential for its use in other areas are really being understood. This is why Eularis saw the opportunity to bring the same advanced technology into Pharma marketing to reverse the trend of poor marketing and sales results and decreasing budgets. E-VAI takes the same data but delivers more accurate results, faster and provides answers to the questions that marketers need such as how to do more with less.

Dr Andree Bates, founder and CEO of Eularis Analytics says “this is superior technology because marketing executives must continuously make complex decisions that need a large degree of judgment. The increase in complexity of channels, and the market environment itself makes it very difficult to get this consistently right without the intervention of something as sophisticated as AI. “

Eularis has used the brains of top Professors in the field to redefine the future of Pharma marketing analytics. Dr Andree Bates highlights that “While older linear approaches had their place, we realized that a more advanced approach was needed to achieve stronger results. The outcome was E-VAI, a next generation analytics client portal that uses cutting edge machine learning algorithms within an easy-to-use interface”. A comparison of the new results with those delivered by traditional linear approaches has shown a much higher level of accuracy and a far superior understanding of real driver impacts and their synergistic effects.

Prof Lang, Mathematician, Theoretical Physicist and Data Scientist, when studying the results had this to say:

"What Eularis has developed for the Pharma Industry is a thing of beauty. The underlying algorithms are so cutting edge they did not exist 3 years ago. I can safely say that Eularis is the first company in the world to offer this level of sophisticated machine learning based tools, using a live customer focused environment to ensure stronger financial results.”

E-VAI is available now globally and has already been tested on a number of projects across multiple portfolios and markets.

About Eularis
Eularis is the leading provider of next generation advanced marketing analytics to the Pharmaceutical market. The machine learning-based artificial intelligence powering Eularis analytics enables marketing, analytics and sales executives to achieve faster brand success. Since 2003 the company has developed significant experience in the global pharmaceutical market through client engagements with Boehringer-Ingelheim, Merck, Pfizer, Roche, Shire and many others. For more information, visit

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