Article | August 16, 2018

Elimination Of Dust In Tablet Compression Operations

Source: Kraemer US LLC

By Andre Petric


Solid dose operations , particularly tablet manufacturing , are very complicated and can produce excess dust.   The biggest concern to drug manufacturers is how to reduce the amount of dust.

The best option from several oral solid dose manufacturers is a tablet deduster to remove surface dust from tablets, dislodging it with either vibration or friction. A dust collection system evacuates the dislodged dust from the process.

Dedusters are simple devices, or they are until they don't work properly in your application. Why would that happen? Dedusters affect manufacturing only indirectly, and pharmaceutical manufacturers tend to budget less for them compared to direct equipment like a tablet press. However, "you get what you pay for"; be sure you pay for the level of performance your application needs so your dedusters deliver trouble-free operation over the long term.