Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier

Source: 3M Purification


The Emphaze Hybrid Purifier is a new single-use clarifying device containing a multi-mechanism all synthetic Q-functional anion exchange media integrated with a fine particle, bioburden reduction membrane. The anion exchange media is comprised of a quaternary amine hydrogel supported by a fine fiber nonwoven scaffold. A combination of 3M technology platforms enables the hyperfunctionalization of a high purity polypropylene nonwoven with a covalently attached, thermally stable, water soluble polymer; the functional polymer accounts for roughly two-thirds of the mass of the anion exchange media. The bioburden reduction membrane is a highly asymmetric, high loading capacity polyamide membrane which has nine zones of decreasing pore size spanning a roughly 20X range and terminating with a 0.2 μm bioburden reduction rated pore size.

Optimize clarification of mammalian cell cultures and optimize the downstream monoclonal antibody (mAb) purification process by increasing product purity and the life of protein A column using the Emphaze™ AEX Hybrid Purifier.

  • All-synthetic media containing no naturally-derived materials.
  • Novel Q-functional AEX hydrogel chromatography media.
  • High loading asymmetric 0.2 μm bioburden reduction membrane.
  • Compliant with United States Pharmacopeia (USP) 36 <88> Class VI 70 °C Biological Reactivity, in vivo