Case Study

Empowering The New Acsis Serialization Solution

Source: Cognex Corporation

Pharmaceutical regulators around the world are establishing stricter regulations for pharmaceutical manufacturers, co-manufacturers, distributors and retailers to prevent counterfeit drugs from making their way into the hands of consumers. Needless to say, this effort is creating significant challenges for drug manufacturers that require new inspection and identification solutions. At the same time, pharmaceutical manufacturers want to improve traceability to prevent counterfeiting and isolate the source and extent of safety and quality control problems.

Marlton, NJ-based Acsis Inc., the market leader for Enterprize Serialization™ solutions, is working with Cognex to respond to the emerging serialization mandates and requirements facing their pharmaceutical industry clients. Acsis and Cognex delivered a serialization management solution designed to convert demand from the pharmaceutical manufacturer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system in order to drive individual packaging lines and production cells. Serialization using the Acsis Serialization Management software is introduced throughout the packaging process by integrating with existing equipment. Smart camera vision systems are a critical component used extensively in the serialization solution, not only to validate the presence, accuracy, and readability of the various labels, but also to ensure product safety and package integrity.