04.15.21 -- Experience Faster Project Execution With Automation Software

Source: Cytiva

Control your process, control your future

Automating your manufacturing process limits manual interaction resulting in greater accuracy, lower costs, and a faster time to market for your biologic drug product. Choosing a vendor with bioprocessing and automation knowledge can help when deciding which automation system is most suitable for your facility.

Cytiva’s Figurate™ automation for DeltaV is a software product that applies Cytiva’s process and equipment expertise to the Emerson DeltaV platform. It is designed to integrate with your current equipment and can also grow with your future biomanufacturing needs. Learn more about the benefits of  Cytiva’s Figurate automation for DeltaV.

Reach Your Processing Potential Through An Integrated Approach

Cytiva's Figurate automation platform combines all our years of experience in bioprocess solutions and processes built into our automation and digital solutions. Our pre-verified solutions are synchronized, scalable, and rapidly deployable bringing you Efficiency, Flexibility, and Confidence.

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