EZ BioPac®: Powder Transfer Process

Source: ILC Dover

EZ BioPac is meeting the challenges of biopharmaceutical powder manufacture. The EZ BioPac single-use system is the fastest, most efficient solution. Its larger diameter top opening permits easy filling and fine-tuning of final weight. 

Proven To Reduce Fill Time And Cross Contamination

  • EZ BioPac®, ILC Dover’s purpose-built powder containment and transfer system, speeds fill time and makes it easy to adjust contents to precise target weight
  • It’s separate discharge outlet and antistatic polymer material mean faster, cleaner discharge with residuals consistently 2g or less in a 5 kg bag
  • The EZ BioPac® bag’s unique design and protective skirt reduce or eliminate contamination of the support stand and bag exterior, drastically reducing clean-up requirements

Features and Benefits

  • Ease To Use. EZ BioPac® bags and custom polypropylene support stand allow fast, foolproof set-up
  • Reduce Fill Time. Large-diameter top opening speeds filling by as much as 71%
  • Minimize Cleaning. Attached zip ties or ILC Dover’s proprietary crimping system assure complete closure and containment of the bag’s contents
  • Wide Capacity Range. Bags are available in capacities from 1 to 100 liters to suit full range of plant requirements
  • Array of Flange Sizes. EZ BioPac® bags offer discharge sanitary flange sizes from 1.5˝ to 8˝ to match a variety of process vessels


  • Dry Powder
  • Media
  • Buffer salts
  • Excipients
  • Filter aids
  • High value drug substance

Quality Standards

Certified quality for GMP and peace of mind.  Made in a class 7 environment.  EZ BioPac’s ArmorFlex film meets FDA and 2002/72/EC requirements and EP 3.1.3 test conditions. In addition, it complies with FDA 21 CFR and passes USP <661> Physiochemical Tests for Plastics, USP <88> Class VI (7-day implant), USP <87> biological reactivity (in vitro) and Chilworth incendivity tests. Its permanent anti-stat has a 5-year shelf life and replaces migrating additives. EZ BioPac® is also tested for solvent resistance and a DMF has been fi led with FDA.

Can be gamma irradiated if requested.