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FARR Explains The Benefits Of Dust Collectors For Manufacturers Pharmaceutical Online Interview With Tomm Frungillo, FARR Air Pollution Control

Source: FARR Air Pollution Control
FARR Explains The Benefits Of Dust Collectors For Manufacturers <I>Pharmaceutical Online Interview With Tomm Frungillo, FARR Air Pollution Control</I>

The editorial staff at Pharmaceutical Online recently sat down with Tomm Frungillo, Bio/Pharma Market Manager, FARR Air Pollution Control, to discuss dust collection equipment and the benefits they provide for manufacturers. Mr. Frungillo also gives his insight on how FARR's equipment assists in the containment of hazardous compounds. Enjoy the discussion.

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Explain to our readers how FARR APC's dust collection equipment integrates in today's powder and bulk solids manufacturing processes?

In most situations where powder and bulk solids are being handled, dust is generated. Whether it is transferring, granulating, drying, pressing, coating, grinding, cutting, or most other processes, dust is usually generated. FARR APC manufactures dust collectors to filter this dust and either exhaust clean air from the dust collector to the outdoors or re-circulate clean air back into the facility.

What are the benefits of dust collection for the manufacturer?

Dust collection and the filtration of the contaminated air benefits three main things: the people in the work environment, the product that is the basis for the process, and the equipment that is doing the process itself. First, it is imperative that workers are protected from the fine dust particles that are created from manufacturing processes. The very fine particulate (much of it below 10 micro-meters in size which one can not see with the naked eye) is very hazardous to the lungs and can cause major health issues. In addition, it can be a general nuisance and negatively impact worker productivity. Second, it is important for the safety and quality of the product being produced that dust being generated from the process is eliminated. This insures that the quality of the product remains high and defects or rejects are kept to a minimum. Third, keeping dust away from the process equipment itself increases the longevity of the equipment and helps control maintenance costs.

How has FARR APC's equipment assisted in the containment of hazardous compounds?

Hazardous or potent compounds require a bit of a different approach with reference to dust collection. A containment dust collection system is imperative for all the reasons stated above but with the first being the most important which is that of protecting the workers. Because of health concerns dealing with many potent or hazardous materials FARR APC containment dust collectors are regularly equipped with innovative and maintenance friendly "Bag In / Bag Out" or Safe Change options which address the cartridge access area and the waste dust discharge area. By utilizing a durable gloved "bag", workers can change out the filtration cartridges without coming in contact with the cartridges or the dust. The same type of system is used below the collector at the discharge area for changing out the waste material collection bag. These options have been tested going through a rigorous Surrogate testing procedure which provides the customer with piece-of-mind knowing that if the proper procedures are adhered to stringent containment requirements will be achieved.

How can individuals test their facilities to see if they need to purchase a new dust collection system or replace an older system?

Generally, no testing is required. This is so because in most situations a dust collector is required if you can observe you are in a dusty environment or you know that the process equipment will be creating dust and will require collection and filtration of that dust. If one of these two situations is not present but there is still concern that fine dust is in the environment an HVAC filter system will generally address these concerns. Our Camfil Farr parent company can assist with these types of requirements.

Can you give our readers a few applications for your equipment in other industries?

Within the Pharmaceutical industry dust collectors are applied to tablet coaters, presses and dryers, granulation areas, mixing and blending areas and general house keeping. In the automotive industry collectors are used for welding smoke. In the metal working industry we have installed hundreds of collectors on surface preparation applications including blasting (manual and wheel blasting), thermal spraying, laser and plasma cutting tables, welding and more. In the paper industry we are a leader in paper trim dust collection systems. We also supply collectors to the mining industry (metal ore) and the woodworking industry (furniture and fixture manufacturing, etc.).

What is the biggest myth about dust collectors?

The biggest myth about dust collectors is probably the idea that they require substantial maintenance. Like any piece of equipment, if dust collectors are not sized properly or not applied correctly they can require continuous maintenance. However, when sized and applied properly they can be virtually maintenance free with the exception of emptying the dust collection drum and changing the cartridges every year or two, depending on the application.

How would you characterize FARR APC's current position in the market?

FARR APC is bringing new technology and innovation to the market. Most of our competitors continue to offer equipment that hasn't changed in 20-50 years! Our combination of vertically designed cartridges, a more robust cleaning system, Gold Cone® Cartridge technology, HEMI PLEAT™ cartridge pleating technology, surrogate testing Bag In Bag Out containment technology and much more, offers customers in many industries state-of-the-art technology that addresses the modern manufacturing facilities of today and tomorrow. This, in combination with all of the filter options offered by our Camfil Farr parent company, makes us the largest combination dust collection and HEPA/HVAC filter company in the world.

V. Thomas Frungillo, Jr. - Bio/Pharma Market Manager Camfil Farr/FARR APC
BS Business Administration - University of NC - Greensboro
Experience: 15 years in Dust Collection/Filtration, 7 years with Camfil Farr / FARR APC
Focus on the Bio/Pharma Industry - 4 years
One of 5 key designers of the Farr APC Containment Dust Collection System (Camtain)
Member: ISPE

Source: FARR Air Pollution Control