Application Note

Automatic Fill/Finish Packaging & Check Weighing System

Source: Filamatic

The 100% check weighing capabilty is an additional feature that can be added to the automatic Monobloc Fill/Finish Packaging system. This filling machine includes the following capabilities:

  • Feeding the containers from a bulk unscrambler
  • Tare weighing each empty container
  • Filling the containers utilizing peristaltic pump technology
  • Gross weighing each filled container and calculating the net weight of the liquid
  • Applying push-on caps to the containers
  • Applying labels to the containers
  • Rejecting improperly filled and assembled containers
  • Transferring the filled/capped/labeled containers into the carton loading system
  • Real-time onscreen reporting
  • Automatic data collection to Excel, SQL database, etc.