White Paper

Film Coating For Pediatric Oral Solid Dosage Forms

Source: Colorcon

From a recent survey conducted within the pharmaceutical industry, by Colorcon, it was confirmed that oral solid dosage forms are a preferred choice for formulation of pediatric medicines.

With careful selection, of an appropriate film coating system, pediatric products may be coated with a suitable color while also providing mechanical integrity, gloss and moisture protection to produce a robust tablet that is effective and easily recognized by consumers and dispensers.

Film coating these dosage forms also brings further advantages, including

  1.  masking objectionable tastes or odors
  2.  improving swallowability
  3.  helping to positively impact patient preference
  4.  differentiating the visual appearance of product to mitigate dispensing errors
  5.  improving packaging efficiency
  6.  prevention of cross contamination
  7.  reduced tablet breakage and chipping during manufacture