Flexible Auger Conveyors


Flexible Auger Conveyors are ideal for the metered transfer of powders and solids in an enclosed, dust-free environment. Using a single conveying tube that can flex to avoid objects is just one of the many advantages of the system.

Aeroflex Flexible Auger Conveyors are ideal for the METERED transfer of powders and solids in an enclosed dust free environment. In keeping with all Aerocon Conveyors this filter-less method of transfer is designed to adapt to the many variables of factory life. One key factor is flexibility of design, fitting machines inside, outside and around factories. Using a single conveying tube that can flex to avoid objects is just one of the many advantages of the system. Specifically, Flexible conveyors are ideal for unloading Bulk Bags, and filling packing machine hoppers. Using the age old Archimedean principle the conveyor meters product to the receiving hopper at a set rate. Ideal for low to medium transfer volumes with flood feed, the unit allows for flow to be stopped and started without the need to purge the line. Product acts as a bearing for the auger section and it is therefore recommended that the machine is left full of product between batches.

Flexibility is of great importance to today's customers. Be it the ability to move from one packing machine to another, the need to fit conveyors into smaller and smaller factory space or the ability to not only convey the product but to act as a shut of valve, the economical Aeroflex units can adapt to most factory needs.

Rugged Design
Flexible Augers are not new to the industry; however, a robust construction unit is! Most competitive machines use thin gauge sheet metal, flimsy supports and are poor quality. Aeroflex units are HEAVY DUTY with geared drives and heavy flanges as standard. Supports are robust enough to withstand operator use! Additionally, we use ONE PIECE OBROUND SECTION AUGERS, not welded sections.

Simple Construction
With a single moving part in the product the AeroFlex Conveyors are simplicity itself. Driven buy a direct drive geared motor and contained within a tubular housing the flexible auger has little maintenance. This is further helped by the round edge of our flighting that reduces the friction forces at the wall to a minimum.

Mobile Systems
Mobile frames that are robust enough to withstand the riggers of industrial use are available for all models of the conveyor. With the addition of a bag dump station these units can be filled with product and left to convey in a flood fed state, freeing the operator for other duties.

Gentle Handling
At least as important as transfer rate is the ability to convey product with the minimum of damage. AeroFlex conveyors gently convey product using a combination of the natural vertical and horizontal forces generated by a screw. Product damage is low compared to comparable pneumatic systems.