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Flexible Facilities with Next-Gen Mobile Cleanrooms

Source: Extract Technology
Extract Technology

Mobile Clean Room (MCR) systems are preengineered, self-contained cleanroom environments that can be used wherever and whenever they are needed. Second-generation MCRs’ larger and more flexible designs have more manufacturing space. Their raised floor option creates ISO Class 5-8 airflow making the systems suitable for semiconductor or pharmaceutical manufacturing of clinical-grade materials with enhanced levels of compliance.

With faster delivery times than stick-built structures, Walker Barrier MCRs are complete building modules that are utility and VHP-ready housing complete clean rooms. They offer the ability to add isolators and zoned pressure control between rooms. The mobile units come complete with HVAC, temperature control, and relative humidity control, and can be set up as flexible manufacturing, R&D, or lab spaces, as mobile operating rooms, or as spaces to do aseptic work under negative pressure.

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