Flexible Pharmaceutical Isolator For Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC's): soloADC

Source: ILC Dover
ADC Overall

Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC’s) have become vital in the fight against many different types of cancer. The high potency nature of the toxin part of the ADC means you need to maintain the upmost operator safety while still running an efficient process. That’s why we developed the soloADC! Designed and manufactured in conjunction with an CDMO already handling the hazardous process, we developed this system which takes into all considerations when it comes to keeping both the people and products safe. With zero cleaning validation required the potential cost and time savings associated with cleaning validation are huge.

  • All product-contacting parts are disposable for zero cleaning
  • Swift turnaround time between batches and campaigns
  • Flexibility to handle various products and respond to changing customer demands
  • Significantly lower capital cost than hardshell isolators
  • Lifetime costs can be offset against reduction in cleaning and validation
  • Fully single-use system as all peripherals are also disposable