Flexsafe® Bags For Mixing Applications

Source: Sartorius

Intelligent mixing for your cGMP biomanufacturing

Monitor and Control Your Mixing With In-line Single-use Sensors

Intelligent Mixers are designed for monitoring and controlling all critical mixing parameters required for consistent cGMP processes. In-line control and monitoring of pH, conductivity and temperature are performed with a pre-assembled single-use pH probe, a conductivity sensor and a thermowell. In-line sensors meet the PAT and cGMP requirements, eliminate the risk of errors and contamination present with insertion of re-usable probes and save operator time.

With the Powerful Vortex of Flexel® for Magnetic Mixer

Fast Powder Dissolution

Because media powders tend to float, a strong vortex is required for their downward entrainment to the impeller and subsequent dissolution. The strong vertical vortex of Flexel® for Magnetic Mixer combined with the baffle effect of the cubical design allows instant downward movement and efficient dissolution of floating powders. The high torque provides a fast dissolution of media powders or diatomaceous earth powders used with Sartoclear® Dynamics and an efficient mixing of high concentration buffers or viscous products.

LevMixer® Preserves Your Drug Substance and Drug Product Quality

Low Shear Mixing

Shear sensitive proteins can degrade during mixing conditions. This can affect product quality and generate aggregates that in turn yield premature fouling of sterilizing filters.*

By combining low shear mixing attributes and high torque, LevMixer® is ideal for the homogenization, viral inactivation and formulation of sensitive drug substances and drug products.The levitated impeller eliminates shear effects that can impact your product quality and avoid the generation of aggregates and particles that can reduce your filtration performance.

Intuitive Handling for Safe and Convenient Mixing Up to 3.000L

The Right Mix

The range of Palletank for mixing is engineered around safety and ease of use to complement your intuitive handling mixing bag. The front door and the cubical shape provide convenient installation, deploying and folding of the bag during filling and draining. The front access to sensors and tubing facilitates the filling, sampling and draining manipulations. The sided windows allow for visual check of the mixing process. Palletank for Mixing are available in plain, jacketed, with or without integrated weighing and up-to 3,000L to meet all your cGMP requirements.