News | February 13, 2013

Fluid Air Announces Ultrasonic Technology In Fluid Beds

Source: Spraying Systems Co.

Fluid Air, a division of Spraying Systems Co. specializing in solid dosage processing equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, announces the development of a new fluidized bed coating system that uses ultrasonic vibration.

Designed for use in laboratory research and development applications, the unique system uses an ultrasonic spray nozzle for gentle Wurster (fluid bed) coating. Instead of atomizing air pressure, the nozzle uses a tiny ultrasonic “horn,” which vibrates at a fixed frequency to break up the droplets. This enables the nozzle to achieve uniform, thin-film particle coatings with droplet sizes in the 10 – 30 micron range. The system also features a controller for fine-tuning of the spray pattern and shape, providing users with adjustable, automated control over the size of the droplets.

The Wurster coating process involves suspending fine particulate substances in the bowl of a fluid bed while a nozzle, applies the coating. This is more challenging on a small particle scale, because the particles have a greater tendency to stick together, forming larger “agglomerates” which cannot be used for further processing. “The biggest problem for this process at the research level is getting consistent, uniform results,” said Tom Tappen, Director of Business Development for Fluid Air. “We think this could have a big impact on the way that R&D-focused companies approach the coating process.”

Fluid Air has applied for a patent for the new ultrasonic technology, which they plan to display at 2013’s Interphex tradeshow as part of their joint exhibit with Spraying Systems Co.

To see the new system in operation, visit us at Interphex 2013! (Booth 1542).

A division of Spraying Systems Co., Fluid Air Inc. is a manufacturer of solid dosage processing equipment and controls for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, and fine chemical industries. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Spraying Systems Co.