Formulation Development

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Bora formulation development team provides formulation development and solution from an early stage of new chemical entities (NCE) to generic products.

Our formulation design starts from early feasibility through development, and formulation screen all the way to Phase I, Phase II clinical trials and technical transfer to commercial batch manufacturing.

Bora formulation development team focus on accelerating your project time by achieving the desired formulation characteristics by the process of pre-formulation, excipient and API compatibility assessment, physicochemical testing, formulation screening, formulation scale-up and accelerated stability studies.

Bora formulation development team also provides the service provision including raw material selection, scale-up and GMP clinical batch manufacturing. We are expertise in oral solid dosage forms development.

  • Delivery technologies: Sustained, Pulsed, Modified and Delayed release products
  • Advanced formulation: Pallets, Tablets(coated, matrix, bi-layered and mini-tablets),Capsules (Combination fillings with up to three components such as powders, pellets, tablets, micro-tablets in a single capsule)

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