Case Study

Decontaminate A Pharmaceutical Production Facility In Less Than 24 Hours

Source: Bioquell Inc.

The Challenge

Our client, a major multinational pharmaceutical company,  required their production lines within a European manufacturing facility to be sterilized as an integral part of the bi-annual production shutdown. Due to the costs in lost revenue incurred with each shutdown, our client required a rapid and reliable decontamination solution.

The Solution

Our client has contracted Bioquell’s Room Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS) to perform their shutdown fumigations for the next 5 years. In order to minimize production downtime, and thus the associated financial implications, two separate production lines are fumigated simultaneously in a single high intensity deployment.

Upon completion of routine maintenance on the production facility, Bioquell is contracted to fumigate and thus re-commission the facility enabling the client to re-enter production. The two production suites have a combined volume of approximately 8,000m3 and have in excess of 60 rooms. Due to the excellent materials compatibility of hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV), all of the suites' equipment is able to remain within the facility to undergo the  decontamination procedure in-situ.

To limit facility downtime, Bioquell deploys a larger team to complete the decontamination in less than 24 hours; and the residue-free nature of the process allows the facility to go back online immediately.