GCM Tablet Coating Systems

Source: Glatt Air Techniques

Tablet Coater GCM
Fully Perforated Tablet Coating Systems are typically used for active layering, aqueous & solvent film coating and sugar coating of tablets in pharmaceutical applications.
Perforated Coating Pans are typically used for aqueous & solvent film coating and sugar coating of tablets in pharmaceutical applications. The system incorporates a horizontally positioned perforated drum equipped with air atomized spray nozzles and a process air flow controlled to temperature, humidity & volume. The coating is sprayed from the air-atomized nozzles positioned directly above the tablet bed. The process airflow is used for drying and is controlled to regulate drying rate.

Glatt's Pan Coater incorporates a fully perforated drum with a high open area providing maximum air flow & high efficiency heat transfer resulting in shortened batch times. The nozzle arm and air plenums are designed to direct the airflow through the tablet bed with virtually no overspray.

The coating drum is supported from the rear by a cantilever support bearing. This design provides complete isolation of the mechanical drive system from the product processing area, ensuring maximum containment and facilitating cGMP compliance. The Signature Series is available with unique charging & discharging methods that virtually eliminate operator exposure especially critical in the processing of high potency compounds.

An integrated Wash-in-Place/Clean-in-Place system is an essential aspect of Glatt's design. Coupled with a watertight housing, the WIP/CIP provides complete cleaning of the coating drum and interior housing. A set of hinged access doors on the left and right side of the housing provides easy access to the exhaust and inlet air connections for cleaning, inspection and maintenance.

Pilot scale equipment is available at Glatt's Ramsey New Jersey Process Development Laboratory for testing and customer inspection.

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