Global Storage, Distribution & Returns

Pharmaceutical Logistics: Temperature Data Monitoring Systems

PCI offers over 30 years’ experience in the storage and distribution of clinical trial materials, effectively storing and distributing thousands of patient kits to over 100 countries world-wide.

At PCI, we work with clients to develop a flexible and dedicated service to meet the needs of each and every clinical trial, irrespective of size or global requirements. Dedicated teams of logistics experts ensure complete accountability and supply chain integrity throughout the clinical lifecycle.

Clinical supplies are stored in facilities dedicated to investigational medicines meeting GMP requirements combined with a full collection, storage, returns and reconciliation of patient supplies ahead of ultimate client requested destruction.

Secure Storage

Facilities feature round-the-clock security and environmental monitoring.

PCI has the facilities to store and ship both controlled and dangerous goods throughout the world. Facilities feature vaults which have been approved by the necessary authorities to handle all classifications of controlled drugs, as well as the cutting-edge security systems supported by robust procedures.

Returns Management

In-keeping with client requirements, we can arrange for the return, storage and ultimate destruction of clinical trials materials at the end of a project. Returns can be reconciled to one of three levels before being securely stored until the approval for destruction is received:

  • Level 1 – reconciliation of the number of shippers returned only
  • Level 2 – reconciliation of the contents of the shippers against a packing list
  • Level 3 – full reconciliation down to individual tablets, capsules, and vials

Destruction is carried out by an approved third party including witnessed destruction for controlled drugs. Certificates of Destruction are provided to clients to facilitate full reconciliation of clinical trial supplies.


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